Infanta Marina

Poem: Infanta Marina
Poet: Wallace Stevens

Her terrace was the sand
And the palms and the twilight.

She made of the motions of her wrist
The grandiose gestures
Of her thought.

The rumpling of the plumes
Of this creature of the evening
Came to be sleights of sails
Over the sea.

And thus she roamed
In the roamings of her fan,
Partaking of the sea,
And of the evening,
As they flowed around
And uttered their subsiding sound.

A woman steps out on her terrace, carrying a fan, and as she opens up the delicate instrument and begins those familiar movements of her wrist, her mind reaches out and makes of the fan a world, a boat on the sea, carrying her nowhere in particular, carrying her over the sea that gives to the evening air a briny tang.

And then it ends and, we imagine, she goes back inside.



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