Publication notice: New Orleans Review

A poem of mine is forthcoming in the August issue of the New Orleans Review. The edition is a special issue devoted to Shakespeare (2016 being the 400th anniversary of his death), and they happily decided to include a piece I wrote in reply to Shakespeare’s sixth sonnet. I leave Shakespeare’s original below.

Then let not Winter’s ragged hand deface
In thee thy summer, ere thou be distill’d:
Make sweet some vial; treasure thou some place
With beauty’s treasure, ere it be self-kill’d.
That use is not forbidden usury,
Which happies those that pay the willing loan;
That’s for thyself to breed another thee,
Or ten times happier, be it ten for one;
Ten times thyself were happier than thou art,
If ten of thine ten times refigur’d thee:
Then what could Death do, if thou shouldst depart,
Leaving thee living in posterity?
…..Be not self-will’d, for thou art much too fair,
…..To be Death’s conquest and make worms thine heir.


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